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christmas blogger gift swap

I was so excited to re-launch my Christmas Blogger Gift Swap this year and received an overwhelming response with 49 bloggers signing up to take part!

I was paired with Natalie from What You Didn’t Know and it’s been absolutely lovely getting to know her! After exchanging text messages and sending (and receiving) a long list of questions, I finally decided what gifts to get. Unfortunately, due to my spontaneous trip away and consequently developing a fever, I wasn’t able to post her parcel off in time for Christmas. Luckily, Natalie had no problem with this and was very kind about it. I sent them off the moment I returned from my Christmas celebrations though!

I received this adorable card and parcel in the post and couldn’t wait to open it!

Natalie’s presents are incredibly thoughtful and perfect for me! She really took into account what I had answered to her questions and I’m so happy with them.

She got me a gorgeously patterned notebook as she knows I love planning, making lists and writing things down. You can never go wrong with stationary and notebooks with me as I can never get enough and soon find a use for them!

Next up was a warm, thick-knitted snood for the cold winter weather. This is actually perfect as I had been looking to buy a new one and the colour goes with everything. I’m also very into wearing dark-coloured scarves (apart from my bright pink one 😉 )

She also bought me a big planner pad which is so handy for making lists and writing things down easily. I’ll probably keep this on my desk and take it to university with me where I can jot things down that I need to remember and any events/things to do that I need to add to my diary and bullet journal!

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The Lindt chocolates were a lovely surprise (I’m a complete sucker for chocolate – as you should all know by now). It’s safe to say that the entire packet was demolished that evening… *guilty as charged*

Finally, a lotus flower tea infuser. I didn’t even know these existed but they look really, really handy and useful. I cannot wait to use this and try it out, particularly at university because using a tea strainer can actually be fiddly and time-consuming. This device makes it look easy, simple and quick. This gift idea is so thoughtful simply because Natalie must have read about how much tea I drink so it truly is a wonderful present.

I’d like to thank Natalie so much for her fabulous gifts and I hope she enjoyed the ones I picked out for her! The thing I most love about this gift swap is that you get to know another blogger and have the opportunity to make a new friend. Though Natalie and I are at different stages in life, I think it’s been great for us to get to know each other and we’re actually going to be meeting up in the future!

I look forward to reading everybody else’s blog posts on their #apovgiftswap experience and I’d like to thank everyone again for participating! It’s been so lovely seeing how everyone has got on and I like to think that we have a small community of bloggers who have not only taken part, but have also been following the hashtags and communicating with one another. I read every single one of the bloggers who participate now and it’s so lovely to connect with new bloggers and beautiful people!

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