It’s strange to think that I’m no longer classed as a ‘child’ anymore. I’m now considered an adult which means I should act accordingly and behave maturely. That one day can change everything is almost surreal: you can legally do anything you want. (Although, let’s face it, how likely is it that your parents will 100% let you do anything and everything you want just because you’ve turned the ripe old age of eighteen?) What I can do, however, is walk into a bar, a pub or even a club and order an alcoholic beverage. I can go and see an 18-rated film, buy fireworks, place a bet, get a tattoo, vote in general elections, get married… and even buy my own flat or house. These opportunities are finally open to me. Within one day I can do all of these things. If I want.

I think eighteen marks something. Now that I’ve finally ‘come of age’, I’ve decided that A Piece of Viola will also reach this milestone. I’m planning on becoming self-hosted very soon, with a complete revamp of the entire site (very slow progress until exams are over) to document my gap year and student life at university (when I eventually end up going). I also have a new camera which is currently in the post on its way to me so helloooo amazing photos! {Plus I, uh, GOT A MACBOOK AIR BABY!}

Watch this space – big things are coming! 🙂

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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