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fraser island part 3

If you missed Part I and Part II you can catch them here.

Our final day on the island had arrived. After hurriedly rushing down to breakfast and chucking our luggage in the luggage room, we hopped onto the bright pink tour bus and made our way to Lake Birrabeen.

Here, I got to try stand-up paddle boarding for the first time. And I loved it!

The water was so warm despite the weather not being particularly sunny. We had a couple of hours on the lake, in which we enjoyed swimming about and paddle-boarding. Then the rain began. Heavy rain.

After moving our bags and shoes to shelter, Alice and I hopped back on a board together.

As the rain began to get worse, everyone made their way back to the coach while we packed everything up and helped to carry it. Our next stop was a buffet lunch at Eurong Resort – and we helped ourselves to everything. It was a good meal.

Cookies on the coach followed as we resumed our tour. The final stop was a walk through the forest to Lake Wabby. The walk took about forty minutes and I got so much sand in my shoes but it was worth it.

On the walk we were stopped by a huge spider web. I tried to get a picture of the spider itself but only managed this one:


There were grey skies and clouds during our walk which meant that Lake Wabby perhaps wasn’t presented in its best light.


Walking uphill on the sand was a killer – the dunes were really big!

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The lake was gorgeous though and I couldn’t resist going in for a dip. There were little fish in the water pecking away at my dead skin. I came out of the water with silky smooth skin so really it was a bonus.



After our tiring walk back we drove back to the marina ready to be taken to the mainland.



My time on Fraser Island was short but sweet. Despite our unfortunate weather, I’m still glad I’ve seen the island and experienced what it has to offer.

If you’re planning a trip, Cool Dingo Tours offer affordable tour options complete with accommodation and meals. Not to mention the endless supply of cookies (my favourite part) 😉

If you missed Part I and Part II you can catch them here.

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