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Freshers’ week has been and gone already and the real work has well and truly begun (it’s a little bit insane to tell you the truth) but I’ve got a few photos from each night out during freshers’. There isn’t much from things I did during the day but they’ll be coming in the vlogs on YouTube. I went out four nights in a row (the Saturday event wasn’t supposed to be that great & barely anyone went) and then our college’s first bop on Sunday.

Day 1

Repping the New College cheesy freshers’ tops at our first club night.

Day 2

Formal dinner with our tutors (it wasn’t as scary as it sounds!) followed by our second night out.

Day 3

Toga party in the college before the third club night.

Day 4

For some reason we barely took photos this night haha but I got adopted by Staircase 6 since it’s just me and one other in my lonely old staircase.

Day 5

-apparently I have no photos from today but no-one went out clubbing (we did go to a second year’s party though)-

Day 6

Sports BBQ with a couple of games of netball, family formal (I’ll insert the picture of my college family when I get hold of it!) and then our college’s circus-themed bop. Also, I’m engaged to be engaged?!?! (college marriage, this is guys) 

That’s pretty much it in terms of photos from events and club nights out. There are more snippets in videos that I will get round to editing at some point (pls bear with) but I hope this gave you a taster of what my freshers’ week was like. Feel free to ask any questions about life at Oxford so far – I’ll be more than happy to answer!

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  1. Aw looks like so much fun!! Hope you’re enjoying your time 🙂 And congrats on the engagement! haha my friend at Oxford also has a college marriage, is this some sort of Oxford thing? sounds hilarious! X

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