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We’re three days into the New Year so I thought it’s about time I let you all know what my Goals are. I prefer to use this term rather than ‘Resolutions’ simply because I know that I will never stick to resolutions. Goals are more definable: goals are things that you can work towards, achieve and just improve upon all year round.

I’ve also decided that I want to have a word of the year. I’ve read many blog posts where bloggers have had words for 2016 and that it’s helped them focus on something specifically rather than ten unrealistic ‘resolutions’. In hindsight, I think Positivity was my word of 2016. I definitely know I made a conscious effort to look at things positively and to only surround myself with positive people and it’s worked out pretty well. My word 2017 is going to be:


I want to focus a lot more this year. I want to focus on myself – on improving and bettering myself as a human being (there’s always room for improvement and I truly want to visibly become a better person this year) – on my work at university, on my blog and YouTube channel (creating lots more content for all of you and to continue inspiring people), on my relationships with people, on my fitness and on everything and anything that I wish to achieve this year.

2017 Goals

  • Read more books for pleasure – this is something I’ve barely done this year, not least because I’ve been travelling, but also because now that I’ve started at university I just haven’t found time for reading books that aren’t on my course. It’s quite sad because I absolutely adore reading and I really hope to do more of it in 2017.
  • Make an effort to not just be on time, but to be 10 minutes early – I’m guilty of sending texts to people saying, “I’m on my way” when I’ve literally just woken up. What is it about everyone these days – can we never be on time anywhere? Do we really not want to put the effort into seeing people we call our friends? My aim this year is to be ten minutes early to everything, be that a meeting with a friend, a hairdressers appointment or a lecture. I’m sick and tired of finding myself rushing about last minute trying to get ready for something I should already be at(!)
  • Inspire more people – even if it’s just one single person, I’d like to think that I will touch another person in 2017 by inspiring and motivating them. This could be in any area of life – academically or with travelling – and it makes me so, so happy to know that I have. All of the comments I received in 2016 on both my blog and YouTube have been overwhelming and I’m so grateful for all of your support. Inspiring and helping people has been a life goal of mine and reading every single comment letting me know this has only made me realise that I’m already beginning to achieve this. Thank you <3
  • Put more effort into my appearance – If you didn’t already know, I don’t wear make-up *shocker*. I hate face make-up (foundation is the absolute worstand mascara is the extent of what I tend to wear usually. I’ll dress up a bit more and wear eye-shadow and lipstick, occasionally blusher and powder on nights out or special occasions but I’m literally clueless when it comes to looking “amazing”. *hides face*. I don’t want to start wearing tons of make-up in 2017 (that realistically wouldn’t happen anyway), but I’d like to put more effort into how I appear to people on a daily basis: actually brushing or styling my hair and putting on clothes that make me feel good. There have been many, many days in 2016 where I’d throw on trackies and leave the house looking absolutely hideous.
  • Focus on everything I’ve stated above – work on myself and everything else. 2017 will be a year where I can see just how far I have come. I want to look back at the end of the year and be able to see how much of a better person I’ve become: I’d like to think that I’ll have no regrets, I’ll have taken more chances and I’ll have plenty of adventures, creating unforgettable memories.
  • Say YES to more things and take risks – self-explanatory. I’d like to take a lot more risks this year – with opportunities, experiences, friendships, relationships… anything!
  • Work on my posture and flexibility – my posture in recent years has become absolutely awful and I definitely slouch a lot more than I used to {this definitely shows in pictures *cries*} and I’d love to seriously improve it. My sister is a dancer so when we’re in photos together it truly looks bad… I’d also like to work on my flexibility this year. I used to do gymnastics and be incredibly flexible but I have definitely lost this in the past five years. I’d like to be able to do the splits and backward/forward walkovers again by the end of the year!
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And there you have it. I don’t want to make a list too long with unattainable goals.

What are your 2017 Goals? Let me know in the comments section below!

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0 thoughts on “Goals for 2017

  1. hi Viola! i loved this (as per usual) and i look forward to seeing all the even more amazing content you’re going to put out this year! i can relate to this list because these are all things that i need to work on especially time, focus and posture (i’m hunching as i type this) so i hope you don’t mind if i steal a few (more like all of them) to make them things i want to work on as well 🙂 let’s see how things go when we reflect back at the end

  2. Reading more books is definitely one of my goals for 2017! My cousins have both tried this challenge of reading 52 books in a year and both completed it! I think I might start with something a little more doable, though 😅 Eeeek I can definitely relate to the posture one, it’s just something that I always forget to do. With flexibility, just stretching every day makes such a difference! I loveeee that you’ve made ‘focus’ your word for the new year – it’s such a great idea to just have one word that links to lots of other things and can be a little reminder each day! Another lovely post as usual, Viola ☺️💕 xx

    1. Ah 52 books in a year is ambitious but totally doable – I wish I had it as a big enough priority to attempt that this year! Posture is something that will take baby steps everyday I think, as will flexibility (though I keep forgetting to do it!) – thank you so much Milenka, your comments always mean so much <3

  3. If I had one word for 2017 it would be ‘Focus’ too. There’s so much that would happen this year and I need to get back my 100% concentration on things that really matter.

    This is a great post. Thank you for sharing!😊

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