How To Keep Electronics Safe When Travelling

But how do you travel with so many electronics?!

This is a question I am frequently asked, not only by my friends, but also by readers and subscribers alike. As a travel blogger and vlogger, there are some electronics that I just have to have with me. Let’s use my Gap Year as an example in this post, and I’ll talk you through how I kept them safe for seven months.

What did I take with me?

• iPhone 5S
• Olympus Pen E-PL 7
• MacBook Air 13″

As you can imagine, these were all pretty pricey items. Taking my MacBook Air was something I was really worried about (and my mum’s still surprised I came home with it safely!) The only reason I chose to take my MacBook was simply because I knew I would be teaching English for two months and had to plan lessons. Blogging along the way was just a bonus 😉

How did I keep my electronics safe?

Travel insurance

Firstly, before you even leave for your big trip, buy travel insurance. This is the number one most important thing you need to do. Travel insurance is a must in general, but if you’re taking along electronics then it’s even more of a reason to get it. You can get insurance for as little as £5 per trip depending on the length so please don’t think it’s not worth getting! 

I use Holiday Safe for my travel insurance, and for my seven-month trip it cost a total of £93.01. This covered me for the whole time I was away and even covered certain activities that may not normally be covered by a standard travel insurance. I paid an extra £42.93 for my gadgets to be covered because you never know what could happen, and I was travelling with expensive equipment. This made the total come to £135.94.
100% worth it for seven months.

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The only thing I would say is that Holiday Safe (and probably other insurance companies) have strict policies on gadgets. For example, the gadget has to be less than three years old and you must have bought it in the UK. Make sure you read the fine-print before purchasing! I bought my MacBook in the USA and so my insurance did not cover it. This meant that I was extra, extra pre-cautious when travelling as I knew that my laptop was not insured.

Travelling with electronics: where I kept them

I packed all of my electronics into my hand luggage every time I had to catch a flight. If you’ve seen my ‘What I packed for 7 months’ video, you’ll know that I took my trusty Kanken backpack. This backpack is my go-to bag (at home and when travelling), and it’s perfect. It can fit a surprising amount of things in: including my 13″ MacBook Air, toiletries, a book, my camera, portable charger, external hard-drive, travel adaptor and even more.

When I was out and about travelling I would, naturally, always take my phone and my camera. But what about my laptop? This might sound over-the-top to you, but I actually took my laptop out with me every single day. I was so paranoid and scared that my laptop would be stolen that I knew I would have to take it with me everywhere. When Alice and I stayed in AirBnBs, I would leave the laptop at home but safe and padlocked in my big backpack. When we stayed in hostels, my laptop stayed with me at all times. I even slept with my Kanken on my bed (it also had its own mini padlock). It might sound stupid, but I was not risking losing my MacBook. I also never used my laptop, or let on that I had one with me, when we stayed at hostels to begin with.

What about when you went to the beach?!

When we were in Sydney and on the beach most days, we were luckily staying in an AirBnB so my laptop was safe there. As for my other electronics? I never used my camera on the beach so it was always in my backpack and out of sight from people. Whenever Alice and I wanted to go into the sea, we’d put our phones in my Kanken, padlock it up and then place our towels around our belongings in a heap.

If there were people nearby, we’d ask if they minded watching our things. If not, we’d head into the sea with one of us always keeping our eye on our stuff. It might sound irresponsible, but lots of people left their things on the beach and we were in clear sight of our things. We had also wrapped them up so they just looked like a bundle of towels and clothes.

What did you do when you went sailing around the Whitsundays and stayed on Fraser Island?

We sailed around the Whitsundays on a boat for three days and didn’t take our main backpacks with us. The hostel we stayed at had luggage storage so we transferred our laptops to our main bags, locked them up and safely stored them with our hostel for three days. We were apprehensive at first but, again, no one had seen that we had our laptops and the storage room was safe.

On Fraser Island we did take our main backpacks with us but we didn’t let on that we had such expensive gadgets with us. I remember each time I’d open my backpack, I’d be really sneaky and conceal the fact my MacBook was in the main compartment.

But you went to a five-day festival?!

Yes, we did. We took all of our clothes and belongings in Alice’s big backpack and left my one at our hostel in the luggage storage room. Again, this held our most valuable possessions: our MacBooks. The luggage room was manned at all times and safe, and my backpack was padlocked. At the festival, I’d have my phone and purse in a bumbag and my camera around my body. If my Kanken ever had any electronics in there, I’d always padlock the bag when we were in arenas. This was to make sure that no one could open my bag whilst we were enjoying the festival. Another precaution Alice and I took was padlocking our tent!

Didn’t your phone get stolen?

Yes. It’s ironic that I’m writing a post telling you how to keep your electronics safe when my phone got stolen last summer. Luckily, it happened in the last two weeks of my trip, but it was still a disaster to say the least. I was in a busy public area and my phone was in a side bag… but it still managed to get stolen. Nevertheless, I was glad I had travel insurance at that point!

Did you see my backpacking video?

I hope this post is useful and comment below if you have any other questions.

Peace and love,


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  1. Hey Viola

    This is very cool one i have ever read . Video from youtube added extra value of this masterpiece.
    What about portable generator – can i use it whrn i am travel?

    Your article off to share on twitter ..

    1. Hi James,
      Thank you so much! What is a portable generator? Do you mean a portable charger? If so, yes you can use it when you travel!
      Viola xo

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