I Jumped out of an Aeroplane!

Let’s talk about the time I jumped at 14,000 ft…


When Alice and I were planning the activities we would be doing in Australia, skydiving was definitely on the agenda. Unlike Alice, I’m not a definite adrenaline-junkie but if I was going to do one in my lifetime at all, Australia would be the place to do it (it’s what I told myself anyway).

I was actually quite nervous as we drove to our location (it hadn’t felt real before this) and my mum had told me before that if I was in any doubt about the instructor I would be paired with (if I thought he wasn’t reliant enough/knew what he was doing etc.) then I shouldn’t be afraid to just not to it. She said the money didn’t matter; if I had a bad gut feeling about my instructor, my life would potentially be in danger. Scary advice, eh?

It’s funny because I initially had this thought about Ardnt and I was seriously beginning to panic. It also didn’t help that he tried to joke about how unqualified he was (talk about terrifying someone who was about to jump out of a plane??) You could definitely hear my nerves at the start of my skydiving video where we talk about what I’m about to do but I would do it again – believe it or not!

I was first on the plane to take us up which meant that I was the last to jump. Seeing everyone else before me just falling from the plane was very scary but my time soon came. I didn’t physically jump myself (the instructor does) but it’s crazy. You’re just suddenly falling but also twisting and it’s happening at such a fast speed. I’m one of those people who hates the feeling of falling but it’s not actually like that at all. It’s like that right at the start but then when you’re free-falling it’s incredible. I couldn’t stop grinning and screaming and smiling (as my video shows) but, despite hating all falling-feelings, I really did enjoy myself. Free-falling was probably my favourite part as you’re falling but it doesn’t feel as though you are. The wind pushes up against you so you’re kind of gliding… it’s difficult to describe but it definitely doesn’t feel as though you’re falling and about to crash to the ground.

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After about 55 seconds the parachute is opened and you’re suddenly upright, goggles off. This is where we got stuck in a cloud – yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have been in a cloud. It just feels damp and I guess this is because of the condensation but it’s a pretty cool feeling knowing you’ve been in a cloud haha. We steered out of it and then I got the chance to take charge. With guidance, I steered us and spun us around (the spinning is quite fast and actually made me feel a little sick) but if you like rollercoasters and that kind of feeling (I suppose the real falling feeling) then you’d love controlling the parachute.

Once the spinning was over it was time to prepare for the landing. We had been told to put our legs out straight in front of us when our instructor told us. The landing was pretty smooth and I just enjoyed the ride.

The whole thing actually went pretty fast and it was quite surreal landing and realising what I had just done. But I did it. And I would do it again!

I’m currently editing the last Australia vlog which actually has the clip of my Skydive (I’ll edit the post and insert it once it’s up) but keep an eye out for that if you want to see my screaming face falling at 14,000 ft. 😂

Did you watch my latest video though?

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  1. the way you write is so engaging and interesting to read, i’m always left wanting to read more! also the footage from your video is amazing

  2. It’s so cool how you went to Australia! I’m thinking about doing study abroad in Melbourne for the first semester of my second year at uni so it was interesting to read a bit about Australia xx

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