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If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have spent most probably a ridiculous amount for university already. I have spent so much money on clothes that I actually don’t quite believe it. However, saying that, I haven’t had Winter for two years and I was in dire need of some warmer clothes and new pairs of jeans! Plus I needed more basic-wear for university  as I’m sure I’ll live in jeans and tops. I do still have quite a bit left to buy though…

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that my fitness routine is NON-EXISTENT. You know how I was saying I need to get physically fit and healthy before university? Yeah? Well I don’t know what’s happened because I’m suddenly finding myself choosing to go out and eat three-course meals here and there or just snack on unhealthy food and still do no exercise. I have t-w-e-l-v-e days before I move in so I need to get my body moving!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I had a lovely evening up in London last Monday at the #SoFragranceReveal event where they introduced their new body mist sprays. There are six different scents (Vanilla Milkshake is definitely my favourite) and they had even created six mocktails for each of the scents (how cute is that?!) The evening was filled with photo-booth fun, manicures, amazing vegan cakes, canapés & sandwiches along with sampling the gorgeous mists too. Look out for a giveaway on the blog soon and be sure to check Superdrug stores from next Monday 😉

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’ve had a busy past couple of weeks. Although I’ve had a day here and there lounging about in my new fluffy dressing gown (which you guys may have seen on my Snapchat), that unfortunately doesn’t mean that there wasn’t work to be done. Those days were spent solidly learning my Latin grammar and Latin vocabulary – Oxford you suck for giving me prep work before I even get there! 🙁

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If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’ve had a lovely few days catching up with friends I haven’t seen in over a year(!) It’s crazy that everyone is either starting or going back to university so it’s nice to have a good, solid chat with them about the past year before we all split off. (Although all of these catch-ups have involved food or drink in some way, shape or form…oops)

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I get so happy whenever I see an email telling me that someone else has signed up to my Christmas Bloggers Gift Swap. I can’t wait to organise this year’s one (probably more stress what with adjusting to university life and STUDYING again) but I am so, so excited! Thank you to everyone who’s signed up already 😘

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’ve been putting a lot more effort into my blog and YouTube channel (have you guys noticed?) with a more consistent posting schedule. I really hope this continues whilst I’m at university and I’m 100% dedicated to creating weekly vlogs of life at Oxford to encourage more people to apply and so you can see what student life is really like there – so get subscribing!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I LOVE my iPhone 7. I went to collect it last week after pre-ordering and it’s gorgeous. I got the Rose Gold 32GB. After struggling along with a Windows 9 phone and an iPhone 4 for the past two months, this is definitely a significant improvement and I’ve been a lot more active on social media etc etc!

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If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I am actually buzzing to get to university but it’s so so so so close now. I’m scared! Seeing all of my friends already at their freshers is crazy but it’s really dawning on me just how close I’ve got until I’ll be in their shoes. A week on Tuesday – how crazy is that?! I am SO unprepared 😬

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I enjoyed a rather lovely (and such delicious) lunch at Royal China Fulham with my family. Their dim sum is incredible and I’m so grateful that they invited me down to sample it!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’ve been trying to get up earlier and, despite setting my alarm for 7am, I usually don’t get up until 8:30am or even later because I’m just so exhausted! This means I don’t have time to do the exercise I planned (hence point number one up there). I need to start going to bed earlier, that’s what!

P.S. Did you see my last YouTube video?

Tell me…

  • Are you back at university? How was freshers?!
  • Is their something I MUST take to university – anything? Let me know!
  • How do you stay on top of things – do you keep a diary/planner? I’d love to read some blog posts about them if you have any 🙂

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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  1. this was such a lovely post to read, I love the concept of it! I’m back at uni now, not a fresher though so no more fun for me 🙁 I’ve got a blog post coming up soon on how I stay organised but clearly i’ve been lacking lately as i’ve been terrible at keeping up with wordpress but i’m back now! I love to use microsfot word to make my own planner design, I much prefer using my own layout than buying a planner that already has one in it. Good luck with university, not too long now! X

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