July Reflection 2017

So, how did I do with my July Goals?



1) Go for a run 3x a week (and seriously this time).
Okay, I admit it. I’m seriously bad with running and I don’t know why! I went for a total of one run the entire month. It’s so bad but I’m determined to build up my stamina again and truly get back into it. I think we’ll start with one run a week as my next goal? More attainable 😉

2) Drink at least 2.5L of water a day.
I usually drink 2L of water everyday so stepping it up by 500ml wasn’t too difficult. I’d say that most days I definitely had 2.5L, however this wasn’t always water. I tend to have at least two cups of green tea a day too so this bumped up my fluid intake (though I’d like it to solely be water next month).

3) Get that 5 a day in (at least 2 veg!)
This was definitely harder than I thought, which sounds so bad as the general intake should be 7 a day now (right?!) I probably got my 5-a-day in for half of the month, so I’ve got a lot of improving to do for next month.

4) Prepare for my upcoming trip to China by researching and planning what I want to do.
Now this is something that I can say I’ve successfully done 😉 By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be somewhere in the outbacks of Inner Mongolia!


1) Translate all of the books of The Aeneid that I haven’t read through once (Books 2, 6 and 12).
So I’ve translated all of Book 2…

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2) Create Memrise courses for these books.
Successfully done for everything I’ve read of each book so far!

3) Re-read Cicero’s Pro Caelio in Latin.
This (sadly) hasn’t happened, though I have been revising the vocab!

4) Finish translating Juvenal 3 and make a Memrise course for the vocab.
I didn’t have enough time to translate the rest of the text, nor have I made a Memrise course with my current vocab list *cries* 🙁

5) Do my Memrise courses every single day for vocab learning. I need to maintain my streak!
I haven’t maintained a 30-day streak (now wouldn’t that be cool?), but I have been doing Memrise every single day for most of the courses.

6) Make notes for Logic. I probably won’t have time to re-do exercises before I go, but I want to at least consolidate the term’s work.
Whoops, I didn’t have time to make any notes – what is wrong with me?!?!

7) Spend an hour each day going over Mandarin and learning vocab. 
I’ve actually stuck to this and I’ve been revising my Mandarin grammar and vocab, hooray!


1) Get involved with at least two Twitter chats a week – I think I can manage this?!
I started off well but I slowly completely forgot about Twitter chats. They were always at awkward times when I was either out, having dinner or focusing on work. I definitely need to make more of an effort to get involved with at least one a week!

2) Post consistently twice a week: Tuesdays and Saturdays are making a comeback.
I’m so proud of myself for actually sticking to this one! I may not have content scheduled weeks in advance, and maybe sometimes I do write the post just before it’s published, but I’ve stuck to my goal.

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3) Regain my readership/stats as they have dropped significantly ever since I made the move across to a self-hosted site 🙁
I’ve managed to slowly build up my engagement with lots of comments on my recent posts and more interaction on other social media sites. My stats have rocketed recently and I’ve just hit 80,000 views! Amazing.

4) Comment on and follow at least 3 new blogs a day.
I haven’t followed 3 new blogs a day, unfortunately, but I have commented on at least one new blog every day!


1) Continue to upload weekly: Thursdays 6pm.
This is something I’ve been extremely good at (and I’ve even scheduled videos for the time I’m away – apart from the last week… but I’m hoping the internet in China is strong enough for me to upload the last one {don’t count on anything though *cries*})

2) Plan out upcoming videos – is there anything you want to see? I’d like to continue posting weekly through the summer but I’m stuck on ideas, so comment below if you’d like to see anything specifically!
I’ve brainstormed future video ideas but I’m yet to film them. If there’s anything you want specifically then please do let me know.

3) Hopefully hit 2,000 subscribers by the end of the month?!
I went above and beyond this goal, not only hitting 2,000, but actually reaching over 3,000. Thank you all so, so much. I don’t even know 3,000 people in real life which is absolutely mind-blowing to me. <3

It seems as though I only got half of my goals done this month, which I’m actually really disappointed about. I know I’m very good at making plans but then I’m absolutely terrible at sticking to them. A girl gotta start somewhere though, right? I’m hoping that August and September prove to be much better (though August’s goals will mainly be about throwing myself back into Mandarin).

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As for my university work? I’m really annoyed with myself for not doing half of the work I had set out to do before leaving for China. I can’t panic and upset myself now because there’s not much that can be done now; I just need to ensure that I really put my head down as soon as I’m back (and seriously this time).

How do you stay motivated to complete your goals?

Peace and love,


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