My flight: London to Shanghai

london to shanghai

The last time I was on a plane which was more than a couple of hours was my flight back from Beijing last June. I spent most of the flight sleeping and resenting the fact that I was flying back home after a seven-month trip. I really, really didn’t want to get off that plane and return to reality. This time, however, was different.

Rather than flying solo, I flew with both my mother and my sister, meaning I was fortunate enough to fly Business Class. I’m always intrigued (and also nosy) to hear how others spend their flights. Unlike the vast majority, I actually really enjoy long-haul flights and I look forward to them – call me crazy, I know. So, when I discovered that the flight to Shanghai is 10.5 hours, I was already planning what films to watch on board.

Once I’d boarded the flight and settled in, I accepted the glass of champagne offered to me and sat back with the free newspaper. I also spent a lot of time on my phone last-minute, either tweeting or instagramming (you know, standard blogger stuff ;)) And once the plane was airborne and the entertainment system live, I kicked back, took off my shoes and started watching the films.

Half-way through Bridget Jones’ Baby and the dinner I had ordered from the menu arrived. I went for the smoked chicken and roasted garlic terrine with piccalilli, quail egg and avocado purée for starters served with warm bread and a side salad:

Next up was the main. My first choice on the menu was the Chinese option: chicken, prawn and pork served with rice and vegetables. Unfortunately they had run out of this order, but my sister managed to get it.

I opted for the pasta with cheese and olives instead which actually turned out to be pretty good.

The dessert was a chocolate and orange cake, served with raspberry compote and mascarpone. It was divine. We also had two mini Hotel Chocolat chocolates to enjoy too.

By this point I had already got on to The Girl on the Train and was drafting this blog post on my laptop. I then started watching Café Society and got a bit peckish so I headed to the Club Kitchen to see what I could find, I returned with breadsticks and hummus, a Waitrose fruit pot, mini Cadbury buttons, caramel popcorn and a cup of green tea. Perfect.

After a three hour nap (or so), the main lights were turned back on again and we were offered breakfast. I chose the mixed berry granola with rhubarb compote and natural yoghurt and a warm pastry to start:

My main was scrambled eggs, wild mushrooms, spinach and béarnaise sauce on brioche toast. I was surprised by how good it tasted considering we were in the air!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I started watching Keeping up with the Joneses whilst enjoying my breakfast but sadly didn’t get to finish it {I’m waiting for the flight back ;)}. We also experienced some pretty bad turbulence (some of the worst I’ve ever experienced!) but things obviously turned out okay.

I suppose my flight mainly consisted of eating and watching films… but I guess that sums up my life completely.

How do you spend your flights?

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Peace and love,
Viola xo


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