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A couple of weeks ago, New College had its annual Boat Party on the River Thames. This year’s theme was Casino, with the dress code being, ‘Black with a hint of red‘. This was the first black-tie event of term in my calendar and we were all looking forward to dressing up and escaping leaving Oxford for the evening.

The coach journey ended up being quite long, with just one stop for dinner and a toilet break. We couldn’t take alcohol on with us unless it had been decanted into plastic bottles, and the driver on our coach refused profusely to open the toilet (despite girls being so desperate to pee they were willing to get off the coach and make their own way to the pier!) Finally, after 3 hours, we made it to the Tower of London.

We boarded the boat at roughly 9pm and didn’t arrive back until 1pm, spending a total of four hours cruising the Thames. There was incredibly limited food on the boat to sustain us for that length of time, especially given that we were all drinking (I mean, crisps and nuts, seriously?) It’s safe to say we all got pretty inebriated quite fast.

The night passed by in a blur. There was dancing on the main floor, Casino games, and the top deck, where we could enjoy our tour of London.

The boat party was an absolute bargain for New College students (only £45!) and was still only priced at ~£55 for guests. Everyone had a great time and it was fabulous to spend the evening with university friends outside of Oxford.

You can watch the full vlog footage here:

Have you had any exciting events or balls lately?

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  1. Cruising is fun! And an awesome experience especially with cool friends. You look great on your dress!

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