Our time in Byron Bay

So this post is going to be short and sweet (which may or may not be a good thing depending on how you take it). Feeling very groggy after our ridiculously early coach journey from Port Macquarie, we thankfully got to check in to our self-contained apartment as soon as we arrived at Byron Bay Holiday Village and essentially Alice and I just crashed out. I couldn’t get to sleep immediately which meant I was asleep for a while longer than Alice but it really felt good to have a proper rest after our journey.

We didn’t wake up until late afternoon and by the time we had sorted ourselves out, it was the evening. Too lazy to even think about cooking, we went to Domino’s across the road and treated ourselves. Domino’s over here is much cheaper than back home – I got a classic-sized pizza (8 slices) for about $7.50 (roughly £3.60!). Not much else happened that evening as it was a Monday and almost everything was shut. Besides, it was raining and Alice and I just wanted to get back to the apartment.

Tuesday 29th Jan

Today was the day before we would leave for Falls. We had a massive list of things to do (not forgetting the tent we still had to buy) so it really was a busy day. First off was washing: our first lot of clothes that we would have to hand wash using my travel wash and it was actually okay (though the clothes didn’t completely dry).

We had also checked the festival website and it had said that we weren’t allowed to have any naked flame: so no fire and no trangias(?!) We were so confused by this that Alice even emailed Falls directly asking what to do about food – we were told to bring non-perishable food. Following this, we both researched what foods were best to take to a festival.

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And what came up?

  • crackers
  • dried fruit + nuts
  • cereal bars
  • wraps
  • salami/chorizo

We did our food shop in Woolworths and spent a grand total of $180. I still can’t believe we managed to spend that much – and on what?

  • 3 eight-packs of wraps
  • pitta bread
  • salami + chorizo
  • hummus
  • cucumber + chive dip
  • variety dip
  • 20 multipack crisps
  • 700g trail mix (fruit & nut)
  • sultana pack for Alice
  • crackers
  • mini packets of m&m’s
  • terry’s chocolate orange (emergency chocolate)
  • strawberry strips
  • avocados
  • apples
  • brioche
  • jam
  • bread
  • philadelphia
  • 4 packs of cereal bars
  • 2 packs of breakfast biscuits
  • plastic forks, napkins and plastic microwavable tubs
  • 4 litres of water

And I really do think that’s it. Wow.

We also popped into the camping store to pick up a two-man tent ($40), sleeping bags ($30), wellies ($25) and a rain jacket ($34) – camping essentials.

We took everything back to the apartment and began sorting everything out. We decided to only take one of our big backpacks (Alice’s is bigger and has more pockets) and so we had to choose which clothes and toiletries to take with us. After transferring all of that to Alice’s bag, we zipped up my backpack and left it in the hostel’s luggage storage. We then sorted through all of the food and packed it away in four cool bags that we bought (they aren’t really ‘cool’, just handy to carry and store our food).

This took the rest of our evening and we were glad to get to bed. It’s crazy how much stuff we ended up taking (six bags of non-perishable food!) along with Alice’s backpack, the tent and our sleeping bags. Falls was 100% worth it though; watch out for my post on that coming soon…

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Peace and love,
Viola xo


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