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Inner Mongolia isn’t the very first place you’d think of visiting. I’m still not quite sure how I ended up going for four days this summer, but I understood exactly why as soon as we got there. These pictures will give you a taste of my trip and the posts to come… (and just may make you change your mind!)


Russian Church on outskirts of Manzhouli

white birch forest

lake on the grasslands

wild horses

Russian border – those fences are the border!

traditional Mongolian dancing around a bonfire

watching the sunrise

hiking in the hills

gorgeous views

Manzhouli, a city right on the border between China and Russia

Manzhouli – the view from the roof of a hotel

these are found at the top of almost every hill we climbed!

Mongolian yurts

hiking through a wind turbine farm

Aren’t these photos just gorgeous?
My next post details our first two days so if you’re interested, stick around!

Meanwhile, you can follow my current Uzbekistan adventures on Instagram stories 😉

Peace and love,


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5 thoughts on “Picture Perfect: Inner Mongolia | Travel Diaries

  1. Wow! Mongolia is stunning and so full of rich history although it’s definitely not the first place you think of when you are planning a get away. That sunrise looked spectacular. Seriously thinking about adding it to my travel bucket list 🙂

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