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There’s something about preparing for something new, whether that’s a new school year or a new chapter of your life. Although it’s cliché as hell to fall for the whole “new year, new me” spiel, it’s still fun (and rewarding) nonetheless to reflect on the past year and to look ahead to the new one. I’m about to tell you exactly what I’m doing to prepare myself and how you can too, so keep reading.

Getting All of My Life Admin Finished

Some of you might ask, ‘what do you mean by life admin?’. These are chores and tasks that I’ve been putting off for absolutely ages. I’m sure you have some too. I set aside a day {you could either use tomorrow, or just get as much done as you can} to tackle these tasks. These included replying to emails that I was avoiding, tidying up my Mac desktop and Trash, and the dreaded finance stuff. I was very pleased to have finally finished these small, but nagging tasks, and I can now step into 2019 knowing that I won’t have them hanging over me anymore.

Saying Goodbye to 2018

To prepare well for the new year requires us to look back at the year we’ve just had, thank it, and move on: thank u, next.

Think about the following questions below and really take some time to think about the answers. Turn your phone to ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, grab a notebook and get writing.

  • What are you grateful for in 2018?

Something I am incredibly grateful for this year are the opportunities that I have been presented with. I am so grateful that I am in a position to access these and that I have the means to take them.

Write out all of the things that you are grateful for – my list is over a page!

  • What were your achievements in 2018?

Think about those wins that you’ve accomplished this year. Something on my list that I’m really proud of is that I got through the gruelling exams that are Honour Moderations at Oxford!

  • What lessons did you learn in 2018?

I learnt a whole load of lessons this year, my god. You’ll have to wait until my ‘twenty-eighteen in review’ post coming out tomorrow evening to hear what they are 😉

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Once you’ve answered those questions, you’re ready to wave goodbye to 2018 and start planning for 2019 {which is the exciting part!}

Planning Out 2019

The following tasks will hopefully get you feeling motivated and inspired to be the best person you can be next year – they certainly made me feel that way. Let’s go!

+/- Positives and Negatives

Split your page into two columns and label one ‘Positives’, and the other ‘Negatives’. You’ll want to now look through your camera roll, social media posts/archives and even your diary or calendar as these will help you remember moments, events and people that made you feel good/bad in 2018.

The ‘Positives’ column should be filled with moments, events and people that truly made you feel happy, energised and inspired. Really think about how you felt. A common theme that appeared in my column which I didn’t even realise brought me that much joy were all moments that involved me decorating my room and having mini creative projects.

The ‘Negatives’ column should list any moment, event or people that made you feel down, drained and not happy. Did you plan to do something you really thought you’d enjoy but actually hated it? Perhaps you didn’t like the way you dealt with a certain situation. One thing on my column is having public transport delays. I really, really hated all of the situations I had in 2018 where I was held up because of delays.

Once you’ve gone through the entire year, right down until today, you’ll begin to notice a pattern. You’ll easily be able to see what really makes you feel good. These are the things which you should do more of in 2019 and should make time for. If there are people that frequently pop up, you should look to spend more time with them next year. The things in the ‘Negatives’ column are situations that you should either avoid, or things that you should try to improve upon {if it’s your behaviour, for example}. Again, if there are constantly people who pop up in that list who just don’t make you feel good, stop wasting time on them and realise that they don’t add to your life. May be harsh, but you gotta be the best person you can be next year. And that means surrounding yourself with the best people.

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Mapping Out the Year

Drawing on the information I gathered from above, I then mapped out 2019 in a visual way: I added any events that were already planned, and I added extra events to look forward to and plan. They say that 30% of enjoyment comes from anticipation…

Draw a squiggly line down the page and mark out each of the twelve months. Write out any event or holiday that has been confirmed or planned under the relevant month {it’s okay not to have anything – a blank canvas is fine!}

Now for the exciting part! Take the things that make you feel most joy from the ‘Positives’ column and try and scatter them around your year. For example, if you really like hiking, you could plan two-three hikes in the year in different locations. Or, if you really like spending time with friends, you could plan out a couple of events {whether a meal out, day trip or holiday}. You get the gist. These are things that you can look forward to and will bring you joy. Even though you are yet to plan them, you will still look forward to them.

Leading on from the visual map of your year, you should also schedule in particular days to do specific things. For example, I really like making sure I am on top of things, so I will schedule in weekly and monthly ‘check-ins’ with myself. These will be put into my calendar now so that I know when they’re coming. Similarly, I really want to put more effort into capturing and creating more Instagram content. So, I’ll schedule in days dedicated to doing this. Think about what things you really want to make time for and schedule days in throughout the year!

Setting Goals for 2019

I hate the term ‘New Year Resolutions’ because I personally think that the name itself just sets you up for failure. Goals are preferable because you they’re something you work towards, rather than something you have to stick to.

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Spend some time using the notes you took previously to think about what you want to change in the next year. One of your goals might be to read x amount of books, or to wake up earlier, or to exercise y times per week. It could literally be anything. A vision board could help with this, either physical or digital. Get some inspiration from pictures and quotes. Use these to decide on a set of goals that you want to accomplish next year.

Some Final Questions

A few final questions to think about when preparing for 2019:

  • If you only had £100 to increase the happiness in your life, what would you spend it on?
  • What about £500?
  • £1,000?
  • £2,000?

Note these down on a piece of paper and keep these in mind when you’re putting money away in savings. My answer to the first question would be a gym membership, and that’s what I’m going to invest in. If you know that specific items would genuinely increase the happiness in your life, then you can be more focused with your money and spending.

  • How do you want to feel this time next year?

Spend some time thinking about this question in depth and writing out how you’d like to feel. Also think about what you want to have accomplished. This will really help your mind identify what’s important and what you really want to be focusing on in 2019.

And finally, think of a word for 2019 that will be your word. Brainstorm words or feelings that immediately come to mind and use this to help you pick. My word one year was ‘Focus’ and it really helped being reminded of that throughout the year. This word tied together neatly with my goals and reminded me of what I wanted to achieve that year.

I hope this post helps you to prepare for 2019, and I’ll see you in my next post tomorrow.

Thank you so much for reading.

Peace and love,


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