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As the end of the year creeps closer and closer, I’ve just realised that I never did a post rounding up my first term at the University of Oxford.


I can’t believe that I am 1/12th through my degree already. And that’s just because my degree is a four-year course! My friends are all 1/9th through their time at university which actually kinda scares the hell out of me. University has been an incredible ride so far and I’m so excited for what’s to come.

Michaelmas Term is the name given to the first academic term of the year {Hilary Term comes next followed by Trinity Term} at Oxford – yes, it’s a strange traditional system. This year at my college, Michaelmas Term brought with it roughly one hundred and thirty fresh-faced students, myself included, completely clueless and not really knowing what to expect.

Now that I’ve been at Oxford for a term I know what the terms crewdatesconcingdoing a shoepennying, sub fusc, battels, tute and bop mean. I also know how to handle a hell of a lot of work along with *trying* to maintain a social life and being part of societies (lol).

The past term has been hard work and I’ve probably worked harder than I have in my entire life but that’s exactly what I signed myself up for. I’m supposed to be above A level standard Latin (from essentially nothing) in two short terms. I’ve done eight weeks of intensive Latin (and I mean intensive when I say intensive) – one hour a day every single day with homework set daily and an expectation of extra work outside of class. On top of these classes at the faculty, I’ve also been doing in-college work with a tutor weekly. I’ve learnt how to translate Cicero by myself and, though his Latin is complicated and difficult, I’m definitely getting there and I’m definitely a lot faster at translating him than I was at the start of term! Though I managed to escape writing the dreaded weekly essay this term, I think it’s been good for me to adjust and properly settle down and get to grips with the Latin language. I’m terrified for next term simply because my workload will be exactly the same as the past term but I’ve got one essay a week to write on top of all of that – yikes!

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Michaelmas has also introduced me to some absolutely incredible people, many of whom I now can’t imagine not being in my life. I’ve created some beautiful memories with some beautiful souls and I’m aching to get back just to see everyone again. Friendships take time, but when they come, they’re so so great.

But what this term has also taught me is that university is very much like school. I spent fifteen months away from school during my gap year so it was definitely a shock to the system to be re-acquainted with certain systems. Friendship groups are very much like back at school despite us all trying to act like adults. Drama does unfortunately still occur, as does gossip (it spreads like wildfire) but I guess it’s something we just all have to accept.

Here are some highlights from my term:

University is nothing like what I expected but it also is at the same time. Life at Oxford is something I don’t think anything can prepare you for. They throw you into the deep end and you’ve just got to learn how to keep swimming (and it’s totally doable!) I’m really enjoying myself and I’ve also managed to vlog most of my time there (I plan on being a much better vlogger next term so make sure you’re subscribed). It’s crazy to think Hilary Term will be in 2017!

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Have you seen the latest vlog?


What was your last term at school/university/work like?

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10 thoughts on “Reflection: Michaelmas Term | Uni Diaries

  1. I grew up near Oxford, but ended up not going to University – went straight into the world of work after A-Levels. You write wonderfully btw. And kind of in awe that you are learning latin 🙂

  2. What an amazing post, heck what an amazing blog! So are you studying Latin at Oxford, and if so what is the whole experience like? Oxford seems amazing not simply academically but for its social life. Anyways, awesome post. Happy blogging! 😊

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment! I’m reading Classics which is essentially the study of the ancient worlds (both Greek & Roman) so I study the ancient languages (I don’t do Greek until 3rd year), literature, history and philosophy! I absolutely love it so far – Oxford is an incredible place and so inspiring. Thanks again 🙂

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