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I’m sure you’ve all heard of, if not seen on TV or social media, Magnitone’s Lucid Daily Cleansing & Exfoliation Brush (RRP £45.49), endorsed by Pixie Lott. If not, I’ll give you guys a quick run-down of what it is and what it promises to do.

The Magnitude Lucid comes in a box which looks like this:

This product promises:

Softer + Clearer + Brighter Skin in 7 Days – there is active electromagnetic technology in these! {more about that later}

Brightness guaranteed for all skin types… in just 1 minute a day – say whaaaat?!

Skin worth stroking, transformed in 7 days – but does this actually work?

101% waterproof, and likes to travel – you can even use it in the shower!

Pixie says:

Hectic schedules can take their toll on my complexion. Magnitone Lucid helps me get more from my daily cleansing routine and easily slots into my busy lifestyle.

So what do you actually get in the box?

The box gives you:

  • the magnitone itself
  • a cute headband to keep your hair out of your eyes whilst exfoliating
  • a charger
  • wireless travel charger
  • note from Pixie
  • instruction booklet


  • soft & gentle for all skin types – suitable for daily use even on dry and delicate skin
  • 10,000 pulsed oscillations per minute – more effective deep-cleansing and exfoliation (than hand washing)
  • 2 modes {deep cleanse/sensitive} – daily removal of make-up and exfoliation of dry patches
  • facial cleansing timer – 20 second zonal timer. 1 minute auto-stop.
  • wireless travel charger – each charge lasts approximately 2 weeks
  • fully waterproof – can be used wherever convenient in the bath or shower
  • use with existing cleanser – enhances skin’s absorption of your favourite skincare products

I was so excited to try this product* as I had heard so many good reviews. I mean, if a product on the market promises to make your skin glow and cleans it properly in just a minute everyday, who wouldn’t want one?!

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The very first time I used my gorgeous pink magnitone with the cute headband, I was sold. The feeling of my skin directly afterwards was absolutely amazing. Even though my skin is very smooth and clear already, I could instantly feel the difference. My pores had been opened properly and had finally been cleaned. When I put my Simple moisturiser on- it really does sound silly – but I could genuinely feel my skin cells absorbing the moisture.

Since my face was already spot-free and smooth before I started, there were no visible differences to my skin other than the fact I may have ‘glowed’ a bit more. The main difference I personally found was how good my face felt after every use! If I don’t use my magnitone, I can tell the difference and my face feels yucky {who wants their face feeling yucky?}

I’ve had this product for absolutely ages now and I still haven’t found fault with it. I think that you should definitely consider purchasing this handy little product (RRP £45.49) as it has most definitely changed my entire cleansing routine!

*I was kindly gifted the Magnitone Lucid at the Bloggers Love Fashion Week – this does not affect my opinion.

Peace and love,


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