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It’s the end of term and I’ve finally got round to photographing my university bedroom so I thought I’d show you guys where I’ve been living for the past nine weeks!

Behind the door you’ll find my over-the-door coat hanger (honestly the best thing I bought when I got here!) which has my dressing gown, coats and bags (occasionally towel/tea towel when someone else is sharing my bathroom).  Below this I keep the pair of shoes I’m currently wearing as well as my umbrella. I also have my mini fridge – every undergraduate room in my Oxford college gets one of these in their rooms – with cake tins, my fruit bowl, Breville blender and some loose leaf tea.

Next we have my desk. I have my kettle on the end – again, all undergraduates in college are allowed a kettle in their room – and next to it has some bits and bobs. The cute jar was a recent Christmas present from a friend and then I have some jaffa cakes with vocab flash cards on top, followed by some Latin grammar books and a Latin dictionary (books I use frequently) and then just a box of tissues. I also have a mini whiteboard perched above where I write things down I’m likely to forget and also deadlines/to-do lists!

I have a really powerful desk lamp which is really handy. You can also see my laptop and muji notebook. I also have post-its and the pretty Ikea pot is filled with felt-tip pens, pens and highlighters. Can you tell I’m not a make-up gal? 😅  There’s also my extension lead which has my laptop charger, 4-way USB plug and lamp plugged in. If you see in the corner right at the end, my drying frame is kept behind the window in that small area.

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My shelf space is actually very, very small in comparison with my friends’. The top shelf has these three adorable French tins. The green one has green tea; the purple one has Earl Grey tea; the pink one has a variety (camomile, orange, Chinese green tea, vanilla chai… you name it!) – can you tell I’m an avid tea drinker? Next to those are my almond and coconut milk cartons (I stock up when they’re on deal in Tesco!) I also have some teacups and plates on the top.

The second shelf: the two clear jars have my contact lenses in (one for each eye). I then have a framed photograph of my Eton Summer School girlfriends followed by some bowls and smaller plates, two cute glass jars I have muesli/granola in and then more mugs and teacups. I own a lot of mugs if you hadn’t noticed already ( I really am an avid tea drinker) but I also host ‘tea parties’, i.e. inviting people round to have tea – it’s a very Oxford thing to do I’ve been told by friends at other unis?!

Third shelf: Mandarin textbooks and notebooks, folders full of Classics-related things, folders for my course, refill pads and then lots and lots of Classics books at the end. I also have a couple of mugs on this shelf too as well as some body lotion, another framed photo, my diffuser and Hollister spray.


Next to my desk is a chair with a ‘V’ pillow I picked up. I also have a pot full of coloured pens (not quite felt-tip but not fine-liner either), two mini dishes with sweets and a random pack of tissues haha. The two white doors on the right hand side open to show my wardrobe and I also have a mini storage space on top of that too.

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The other side of the room is where I sleep! Let’s talk about the small mini table at the end of my bed first: This is where I keep my breakfast cereals, water filter jug, cutlery and any dirty dishes I need to wash up. It’s really handy to have and is the perfect size to keep both of my bin under! (The grey one is general rubbish; red for recycling) Above this is my noticeboard which I’m particularly proud of (I absolutely love it).


This took me quite a while to put up, which is why I’m incredibly happy that I get to keep my room over the vac as I don’t need to take this down! Side note: every undergraduate has to move out of their room every holiday here at Oxford but since I’m helping with interviews this week, I get to keep everything in my room!

And finally, my bed… I love this duvet set and I’m so glad I could bring all of my old bedding with my since I now have a double bed at home. Above my bed I have some bunting that my Mum and I made ourselves. It’s draped around the whole room (you’ve probably seen in the above photos) and I also have a white heart hanging on the corner of the wall (top right in the image above).

The white and blue striped bag next to my bedside table is my laundry bag and on the other side I keep my flute. On my bedside table I have a lamp (for obvious reasons), a photo frame of me and my sister, a box of tissues, a dish for the jewellery I wear daily and a couple of books. Behind them is a small jar full of mini origami stars and two birds which was gifted to me by a student back in China. I brought it with me and I love it and it’s so pretty.

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So, that’s my university room. I’m sorry if the post was too long but hope you enjoyed seeing what my room looks like – I know I’m nosy and definitely love looking at how others have made their room!

Oh, have you seen the latest vlog?

Oxford University Room Tour!

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Peace and love,
Viola xo


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7 thoughts on “ROOM TOUR! | Uni Diaries

  1. Hi Viola! Firstly thank you for providing a room tour because I am definitely one of those nosy people that love to see how people personalise their space. Also, I love your room- it looks so cosy! And I find it so crazy how 9 weeks or so ago I was reading one of your moving into uni posts- time does fly! Isn’t it weird for you looking back seeing how you were feeling going into uni and what life is like for you now? Loving the vlogs as well 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, I really love it! Haha yes it’s definitely weird thinking about how so much has happened and so much time has passed yet it still doesn’t feel as though it has? Not sure if that really makes sense haha! Thanks for watching the vlogs <3

  2. Could you make a youtube video telling incoming freshsers what they should bring and/or buy for their rooms? Thank you!

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