September Goals 2017

September brings with it the feeling of a fresh start, some kind of new chapter. After blogging about my July Goals, and quickly realising how I sucked at sticking to them, I’m back for another attempt. Let’s plunge into my goals for this month…



1) Go for a run once a week.
2) Wake up (fairly) early and at the same time everyday.
3) Moisturise once a day.
4) Limit the amount of unhealthy food I have to once a week.
5) Get at least eight hours of sleep every night (if not nine!)
6) Read for 30 minutes before bed.
7) Use my bullet journal everyday and stop procrastinating all. the. time.


1) Finish translating The Aeneid (how have I still not done this?!) – Books 6 and 12.
2) Re-read Cicero’s Pro Caelio.
3) Finish translating Juvenal 3.
4) Revise Logic by making notes and re-doing the exercises.
5) Organise and collate notes from first year (whoops, still haven’t done this…)
6) Make a list of texts to still read for the remaining exams.
7) Watch 欢乐颂 for 10 minutes everyday to keep up Mandarin.
I watch the TV show with Chinese subtitles so watching 10 minutes of the show actually takes me around 20 minutes…


1) Get involved with at least one Twitter chat a week. I can do this!
2) Update my editorial calendar and get a move on with editing draft posts. I have such a backlog of posts it’s getting ridiculous.
3) Finish writing a blog post at least every two days (trying to get ahead before term starts).
4) Comment on at least two new blogs a day.

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1) Edit all of my vlog footage and schedule the next month of videos!
2) Maybe hit 5,000 subscribers by the end of the month – maybe this is pushing it?!

Again, it’s scary writing down these goals but I really do hope I can stick as closely to them as possible. I have some very exciting news to be sharing with you all on Tuesday so make sure you’re following my Instagram account. There will also be a giveaway on my YouTube channel next Thursday!

What are your goals for September?

Peace and love,


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