Surfers Paradise, Oz

What do you think of when you hear ‘Surfers Paradise‘?

Sun, sand and surfers – right? Well, kinda…

surfers paradise

We weren’t sure what to expect from Surfers Paradise as we had heard mixed reviews. Some loved the fact that there were beaches right in the middle of a city whilst others almost hated it. What’s my view? Wait till the end of the post 😉

We had a bit of a confusion when we got to the bus terminal at Surfers Paradise so it took us a lot longer to get to picked up in the hostel shuttle bus but we did get there. It was the first time we would be in a mixed dorm so it was a strange experience but the guys were actually really nice.

There was so much leftover food from the Falls Festival (I genuinely couldn’t believe how much we didn’t actually use) so I made salami and cucumber wraps while Alice cooked.

Thursday 7th Jan
After making lunch at the hostel (tuna and cucumber sandwiches) we both walked to the nearest beach.



We sat in the shade away from the seagulls but Alice then decided to throw some tuna at them. Lo and behold, all of the seagulls started swarming around us and wouldn’t leave. Alice is actually scared of the seagulls so it was pretty amusing to watch, especially since she was the cause of her own distress!

The sun was beginning to set and the tide was coming in. I wasn’t in the mood for a swim as the waves were huge and the current looked really strong. Alice went for one and I went for a paddle – the water was beautifully warm though. I much preferred the temperature of the sea on the Gold Coast.

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When we arrived back at the hostel, we were told that we had been moved to a 4 bed girl’s only dorm because of a horrible smell in our mixed-bed dorm. What a blessing in disguise!

Friday 8th Jan
Our last day exploring Surfers Paradise was spent hopping on a tram to the main beach to sunbathe and swim.


We also popped into Cotton On quickly before rushing back to the hostel to get our luggage. They even had a flip flop vending machine outside – how crazy?!



The hostel’s shuttle dropped us off at the bus terminal in good time and we made our way to Brisbane.

And in conclusion?

I personally think Surfers Paradise is overrated simply because I had high expectations after speaking to several backpackers. I may not have made the most of Surfers Paradise and I may not have seen and experienced the city properly but I wasn’t impressed. The beaches were gorgeous but the city itself didn’t have anything special and there wasn’t much else to do apart from going to the beach.

Have you been to Surfers Paradise – what are your thoughts?
Have you ever been to a place that you think is overrated?

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