If We Were Having Coffee… | Vol. 27

If we were having coffee,¬†I would tell you that I’m currently on a train to London with Jack bound for Luton Airport*.We’re off to Vilnius in Lithuania, followed by Riga in Latvia. It was a pretty spontaneous booking and neither of us have been to either country.That’s another two I can tick off ūüėČ I’ll […]

RAG Garden Party | Uni Diaries

Two weeks ago, in the gorgeous twenty four degrees heat, Oxford’s RAG (Raise and Give) hosted a Garden Party in Oxford’s very own University Parks. The afternoon promised to be filled with afternoon tea, croquet, live music and cocktails. The best part was that it was all in the name of charity – what more […]

If We Were Having Coffee… | Vol. 22

If we were having coffee,¬†I would tell you that this term ends next Saturday.¬†Next Saturday?! ¬†It’s insane how fast this term has gone but, at the same time, I’ve actually done so much and barely remember the first few weeks (they seriously feel like they were¬†months¬†ago). I have an incredibly busy week lined up: Law […]

Turning Twenty

My twentieth birthday was probably one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had¬†(if not¬†the best) and that is mainly down¬†to two incredible girls who I absolutely adore and couldn’t thank enough. My birthday is always something that I don’t necessarily look forward to anymore, particularly because it’s increasingly become more difficult for me on a […]

If We Were Having Coffee… | Vol. 21

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I am halfway though my first year at university which is not only crazy (no setiously, where has the time gone?!), but it’s also kinda sad {not to mention also slightly terrifying…}. I’m really loving it here and I don’t like how fast time is […]

If We Were Having Coffee… | Vol. 20

If we were having coffee,¬†I would tell you that I moved back to university! Today marks the end of First¬†Week and it’s been a¬†hectic past week. I didn’t start the term of¬†that great because I was running on¬†very little sleep and had way too many translations to get done¬†(The Aeneid literally takes me hours! *cries*), […]

Christmas 2016

After spending Christmas on Bondi Beach in sunny Australia last year, I was looking forward to being back home with my family this¬†Christmas. I wasn’t most excited for the amount of presents under the tree or what everyone had bought me; I was most excited to spend time with my family. Christmas Day wasn’t “the […]

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