The Greyhound Hop-on Hop-off Pass | Australia’s East Coast

A lot of people have asked me how I got around in Australia and this post is dedicated to telling you 🙂

The GreyhoundHop-on Hop-offPass

What did we get?

Alice and I both opted for the Greyhound Sydney-Cairns Hop-on Hop-off pass which (I think?) was priced at $425 AUD at the time but I know we paid £213. This was valid for three months and meant we could hop-on and hop-off any coach going up the East Coast – it’s only a one-way pass. Although we started our trip in Melbourne, we chose not to get the Melbourne-Cairns pass simply because the pass was over $100 more expensive and we could get a (much quicker) flight for that price.

How did it actually work?

Once we had booked the ticket online, we were emailed with an e-ticket which we printed out and used to take with us on our journeys. With this e-ticket, we simply had to go to the website online and book onto the coaches we wanted to catch. This was relatively simple and done easily (apart from the time we couldn’t get on a coach and were homeless…) When we had booked a coach journey, we’d be emailed a confirmation as well as reminders to get to the coach station in time.

When the coach pulled up at the station, you went to the driver and showed him your e-ticket and a form of identity (passport or driver’s license) and you were good to go. Throw your backpack underneath and head on board.

I still have a list from their site of all the routes we took so I’ll insert the image below.

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greyhound bus

As you can see, some of the journeys were pretty long and rough. Our 1:45am coach from Port Macquarie to Byron Bay was exhausting as we got barely any sleep. Oh, and the final coach trip was painful.

What are the coaches really like?


I was fairly impressed with the coaches as they were slightly better than I had been expecting. Most of the time they had leather seats (some had the typical old, rough material ones) and, most of the time, the wi-fi worked(!) There were plug sockets too and the toilets were always clean when I used them. Also, there were a decent amount of stop-offs at service stations for a walk around, somewhere to buy food and other toilets to use. Food and drink are allowed on-board though (just not hot things). Nothing much to complain about to be honest.

Would I recommend it?

The straightforward answer is YES. We chose Greyhound over the slightly-cheaper company Premier because Greyhound had far more frequent coaches which meant it was more flexible for our trip. I made a total of nine coach journeys, travelled a total of 2700km and saved myself a lot of money! The coach experience is part of backpacker life: not only do you rough it for a bit, you also make friends and save nights at hostels.

I’ll be making a post about how much everything cost very soon so look out for that if you’re interested 🙂

– Also, this week I’ll start uploading on my YouTube channel. You can see my first video here!

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3 thoughts on “The Greyhound Hop-on Hop-off Pass | Australia’s East Coast

  1. Hi, your blog has been a big help to me for about a year now as I’m very organised haha! Just wondering if you know how far in advance you are able to book the Greyhound bus? Thank you.

    1. This means so much to me, Gemma! I think you can book up to two weeks in advance? It should be on their website x

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