Possibly The Most Instagrammable Place Ever?!

It’s been almost a month since I got back from Central Asia and I’m still amazed at how architecturally beautiful the country I visited is. Uzbekistan isn’t your usual tourist destination but every corner screams ‘so Instagrammable’, so it just might be next on your list.

And if you don’t believe me, well, see for yourself…

Postcards from Uzbekistan (aka the most Instagrammable place)


I travelled with Kalpak Travel and Uzbekistan Airways.
Keep your eyes peeled for more detailed blog posts 😉

Did you see the trailer for my Uzbekistan vlogs?

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4 thoughts on “Possibly The Most Instagrammable Place Ever?!

  1. Hey viola, i was wondering if you could give me some advice. I am currently doing a levels in bio, chem and classical civilisation. I just feel really uneasy about my choice of subjects. I feel like its a really weird mix and i am wrestling with the idea of dropping it and taking pshychology which just feels like a better combination. Everyone else is doing 3 a levels that are similar whereas i am not. I do enjoy certain aspects of the course. I love history and would have defo picked history as my third a level but my college doesnt offer histroy and they directed me to study classics instead. Classics is a lot like english lit rather than history which i am stating to realise which is making me feel really uneasy about the subject. I do however want to keep my options open when it comes to applying to uni…i feel like i want to go into science but i live history too hence my current subject choice, what should i do???? (I am considering dropping classics for psbychology)

    I think your blog and youtube channel is awesome btw 😃😁👍🙂😉

    1. Thank you so much Ibrahim! Do you know what your Classics modules are for A2? I know that my school did an even split of history/literature so maybe you’ll get the opportunity to do some history later on? I never really liked the literature aspect of it either haha! If you love history and are able to do it within Classics then stick with it – what would Psychology offer you if you were to take it? You already have Bio and Chem if you wanted to go into science and that’s more than enough. Hope this helps!

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