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I’m in a weird situation. I thought I knew what I wanted to do at university but now I’m not so sure. Higher Education seems so much more scary now because everyone else in my year either knows exactly what they want to do at uni and thus career-wise, or they know the field they want to go into. In some ways I would like to do combined honours of Physics and Chemistry (which is what I originally aimed for and told everyone who asked), but now the liberal arts degree is appealing to me so much more as I won’t have to specialise so soon. Why should I apply for a degree that I’m not entirely sure of, let alone 100% committed to yet. Edinburgh’s courses look fantastic at the moment, as does Birmingham’s Liberal Arts degree. But then people keep telling me I’ll regret it if I don’t apply to Oxbridge… argh I love both universities and it would be tough having to make a choice between the two (though NatSci at Cambridge is obviously more suited for me) but I’d have to drop any thoughts of studying abroad for a year and doing different subjects (such as classics, philosophy and psychology which I could have the option to do in liberal arts). Tough decisions… why does it have to be me who’s unsure of the degree I want to do? Why don’t I have a passion for one subject and focus my energy on that? Why do I have more interests than most people and actually want to continue and pursue these even to degree level?!

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Too many thoughts right now!
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  1. I think you should choose the one that you love the most. If you do the thing that you like as your career (even it if it’s harder) you will not regret

  2. It is quite stressful having to choose these things. Think about what makes you happier. Don’t listen to people around you telling which to choose. This is your decision, your life, and you should be the one choosing whichever one that makes you happiest.

    And don’t sweat it with not knowing exactly what you want to do. Some people know exactly, which I find to be rare and unbelievable, but a lot of the times, people aren’t sure. You don’t need to know right away what you want to do. Once you get into classes, you will feel your way through it.

    Good luck with it xx

    1. I know, it’s really annoying and frustrating yet exciting at the same time! Ah yes I suppose you’re right, you’ve really helped! It is my own choice and I can take as long as I like to ensure I’ve made the right choice for me 🙂
      Thank you, I’ve followed you! 🙂 xx

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