Thoughts #3

I will workout today.

I will not waste my day on my laptop.

I will get lots of valuable revision done.

I tell myself these things everyday, and almost often than not, I don’t stick to them. Summer is fast approaching and I promised myself I would kick-start my ‘bikini bod’  regime (if you can call it that) very soon. So far, I’ve done no exercise much apart from walking from my bedroom to the kitchen (har har).

I’ve also been revising (at least attempting to) but there’s this big question looming over me: Will I get it all done in time before my exams? While it’s all good that I have no exams until next week, my main concern is that I’m focusing on revision for next week’s exams rather than going over and refreshing my memory for my seven exams after the May half term. Not only do the exams after the half term have a much higher weighting, they are also the exams that I haven’t finished making notes for yet (barely even started to be honest!) and I am beginning to panic. Not good.

I tend to get lots of work done in the morning and then as soon as I get on my laptop for my allotted one-hour lunch break, my revision mindset has crumbled and I’m stuck on my laptop for the remainder of the day. Also not good.

So – the million-dollar question here is:

How badly do I want good grades in my exams?
How badly do I want a nice summer body?

Perhaps I should rethink my priorities and just get on with it, eh?

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What do you think?
Peace and love,
Viola xo


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