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If you’re making a trip to Vilnius any time soon, Trakai must be on your list of things to do. Located less than an hour’s coach ride just outside of the city centre, this old town is home to the incredibly picturesque Trakai Castle. You may have seen the castle make several appearances in my Postcards from Vilnius post.


You can take both the bus and the train to get to Trakai, as well as driving. However both methods of public transport take a similar amount of time. It’s also worth noting that the train station is further away, meaning you’ll be walking for longer.


From Vilnius Bus Station there are frequent buses leaving from Platforms No. 6, 7, 8 (local buses) and No. 28, 29 (intercity, via Alytus). You can check the bus timetable here. The buses that go to Trakai are clearly marked on the front, but you can always double check with the driver.
Time: ~40 minutes
Cost: €1.90 each way


Take a train from Vilnius train station to Trakai – search for timetables here. The train station is further away from the lake than the bus station so you’ll have to walk a bit more.
Time: ~35 minutes
Cost: €1.71 each way

If you don’t have internet access on your phone, be sure to take a map or guidebook with you to show you the way. Once you walk through the city, there will be signs for the lake and the castle.


Once you’ve navigated your way to the lake {it’s pretty big!}, make your way to the walkways which lead you to Trakai Castle. This 14th-century fortress is situated right in the middle of Lake Galvė and fits those childhood fairytale castle dreams perfectly. Within the walls is the Trakai History Museum and it’s well worth visiting.

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Ticket cost: €3.50
Photo ticket: €1.50

Being keen photographers, Jack and I paid the extra cost to be allowed to take photos inside the castle walls. We made sure that we got there shortly after opening time to beat the crowds, and boy are we glad we did. Just under two hours were spent wandering around the museum and as we were leaving we saw coach-loads of people pouring through the entrance.

After the museum, we decided to rent a paddle boat on the lake. This is something I would highly recommend as it gives you better views of the castle and is actually really fun {especially with the sun shining!} We paid €5 for an hour on the lake which was plenty of time to get some good snaps.

Wandering around the lake is another option. There are many instagrammable spots with lots of walkways for those ‘candid’ shots. Pictured below is said picture, however I lost my sunglasses in the process *cries*


If you’re in Trakai, you have to try their famous specialty: kibinai. We went to a restaurant which the Lonely Planet had recommended, Kybynlar, and ordered two greek salads and chicken and mushroom kibinai. Kibinai is very much like an English Cornish pasty but slightly smaller.


Trakai Lake and Castle is a great day trip from Lithuania’s capital and transports you to what feels like a magic fairytale. Live out your childhood fantasies, stock up on those Instagram shots and learn about Lithuania’s royal history all at the same time. Eat local Lithuanian food while taking in the beautiful views and enjoying the tranquility of the town.

If this post isn’t enough to convince you, have a watch of my Vilnius vlog below!

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